Manage all of your clinical data on the cloud

Medical Records


Cloud Based
Medic is a cloud based EMR that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime
Regulations Compliant
Medic is connected with Nabidh and Riayati and complies with all DHA and MOH EMR Data requirements
User Friendly
Medic is extremely user-friendly and intuitive and medical teams can start using it with little to no training

All Services that Match
Your Need

All Services that
Match Your Need

Features Of Medic

Medic's Clinic Management System comprises the following modules:


Appointments module allows clinics to easily
manage and be on top of appointments
Appointments module allows clinics to easily manage and be on top of appointments
  • Multi Day View of Appointments
  • Multi Doctor View of Appointments
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Reschedule Appointments
  • Block Appointment Slots
  • Appointments



    Medic's EMR module allows clinics to record all the important medical information such as:
  • Vitals
  • Histories
  • Allergies
  • Vaccinations
  • Diagnosis
  • Labs
  • Imaging
  • Prescriptions
  • Billing

    Medic's Billing module allows clinics to handle:
  • Cash and Card Billing - Distinguish between credit card and cash payments
  • Patient Balances - Record patient balances
  • Service Packages - Bundle medical services and offer them as a package
  • Billing



    Medic is integrated to both Riayati PO and DHPO and allows clinics to
  • eRX - Electronic Prescriptions
  • Prior Approval - Generate and submit prior approvals and receive prior responses
  • Claim Submission/Re submission - Submit and resubmit claims and receive remittance advice from within Medic
  • Reports

    Medic has the world's best reporting module that allows clinics to have access to their clinic's sales and admin data in real-time. Some reports available in Medic are:
  • Sales Details - shows the details of each and every sale
  • Sales Summary - shows daily, weekly or monthly sales summaries
  • Sales by Doctors - shows sales by individual doctors
  • Sales by Categories - shows sales by categories such as labs and drugs
  • Sales by Items - shows sales by individual items
  • Sales by Insurances - shows sales by insurance companies
  • Reports



    Medic is integrated with the following major government healthcare platforms:
  • Riayati PO
  • Nabidh - Dubai's Health Information Exchange
  • DHPO - Dubai Health Post Office
  • Subscribe For Updates